Our COVID-19 Response

Keeping you safe with Aloha

As questions and concerns arise as a result of COVID-19 (known as Coronavirus), our company has taken several precautionary measures to provide the highest level of protection for our customers and staff. This means mandatory use of masks for all passengers and staff. All passengers are now required to sit in the cabin this is to insure the health and safety of our passengers, partners and employees.

Pre-Shift (all Staff) Upon Entering Warehouse Screening:

  • Visual Wellness Inspection of employee (by supervisor).
  • All employees will be required to wash hands and wear a mask.
  • Temperature Check (will be logged daily).

Office Staff & Drivers:

  • Will practice Social Distancing and wear masks while in the office/warehouse.
  • All office workstations will be disinfected on a daily basis and as often as needed.


  • Will be washed with soap and water daily.
  • Detailed inside thoroughly using disinfectants that meets CDC guidelines.
  • Vehicles will be wiped down after every transfer with CDC approved disinfectant, i.e. door handles, seat belts and buckles, windows, AC vents and control knobs and any other surface that has been compromised during transfer.
  • Vehicles will be equipped with gloves, masks and purell wipes for driver and passenger use.


  • Drivers will inform passengers of safety procedures upon entering the vehicle.
  • Drivers must wear mask and gloves at all times. Gloves to be changed upon loading and unloading the luggage.
  • Driver will provide purell wipes to passengers upon entering of vehicle. Oshi-Bori and water will be available upon request.

** Please be advised, these health and safety procedures are mandatory. Failure to follow will allow us the right to refuse service**